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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Income Tax Refund Loans Can Grease the Gears When Life Gets Sticky

Income Tax Refund Loans Can Grease the Gears When Life Gets Sticky

Income Tax Refund Loans
Income Tax Refund Loans make life run more smoothly.
Ever run out of sick time… and then get sick again? Run out of vacation days, and have to travel home for a family event or celebration? Miss days from work – and pay – because your car is in the shop? Life would be so much simpler if we could plan for emergencies, but then they wouldn’t be emergencies, would they? Good or bad, wedding or funeral, planned or unexpected, life’s events will invariably interfere with our carefully calculated budget. Car repairs, best friends’ baby showers, and expensive prescriptions drop out of the sky and make us recalculate how much grocery money we have this week, or whether we can pay the rent on time. If you’re like most of us, you look forward to your annual income tax refund – but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to spend that when you need it most, instead of just at tax time? With income tax refund loans, you can do just that.

It’s Simpler Than It Used To Be To Get Income Tax Refund Loans

Income tax refund loans, or refund anticipation loans, used to be issued only by the companies that do professional tax preparation. In order to receive the advance you needed to go there and have your tax return completed by them, the fees for which would be deducted from the loan you could receive. The interest would also be paid up front through deduction from the check you’d receive. In addition to receiving less cash up front, the loan is issued as a check that you have to return to the office to pick up, then deposit to your bank account and wait for it to clear. Contrast that to the new online process that allows you to apply at any hour that works for you, from your own home or anywhere else with a secure internet connection. The application and approval are completed within minutes, with no cumbersome paperwork, and your money is deposited directly to your bank account within one business day. Could it be any easier?

Income Tax Refund Loans Are Available Regardless Of Your Credit Score

Many people who have adjusted to living with damaged credit don’t even consider applying for any kind of loan anymore – it’s difficult and embarrassing to be turned down over and over again. That’s why it’s important for everyone to know that the lenders who qualify applicants for income tax refund loans use a different set of criteria than standard bank loans and credit cards do. That’s one reason the application is so quick and easy, and doesn’t even include the usual list of credit references. They don’t even pull a credit report – because your long-term credit history isn’t important when the advance will be repaid within a month or so. It’s more important to look at your current circumstances – steady job with direct deposit to your bank account, no short term loan defaults on your record, and basic identification information that checks out. Simple!

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

iTax Advance reviews – is helping taxpayers make informed decisions

iTax Advance reviews – is helping taxpayers make informed decisions

iTax Advance Reviews
iTax Advance is a financial services company that specializes in income tax refund loans. Any taxpayer expecting a return with a bank account and a job can qualify instantly and receive the amount of their refund, up to $1000, in just 1 business day. Many recent iTax Advance reviews have helped taxpayers decide that a tax loan is right for them. “I was nervous about applying for an income tax refund loan,” Rachel from Oklahoma said. “After reading what few reviews I could find on iTax Advance, I was convinced to apply and after I saw how safe the process was and how professional the direct lenders are, it really eased my worries.”

This iTax Advance review contains information on how a loan can really make a difference for a taxpayer

William applied for a Tax Advance via last year. “I read a few iTax Advance reviews online and I decided to apply,” Will said. “I’m really glad I did. It was easy, my credit was never checked, and I got my money fast.”

Reviews of iTax Advance allow borrowers to become more informed before they apply for the up to $1000 income tax refund loans

iTax Advance offers potential borrowers up to $1000 against their anticipated tax refund. For example, if a taxpayer expects to receive $900 back from the IRS, he/she can apply for an iTax Advance in the amount of $900. Once that taxpayer’s refund comes in, he/she pays off the iTax loan with their check from the IRS by simply depositing there refund into the same bank account that was used to fund the loan and the repayment occurs automatically, which for me meant that I didn’t have to worry about the loan repayment being late. For more information about iTax Advance, I recommend you visit their website at